Decorative Lines



Men Sole – Modular, Low-Voltage Shelving System Dry location rated shelf system with electrified vertical rods for interior use, made of a special conductive alloy. Perfect for retail or residential applications Amazingly versatile system with easy to adjust shelves Linear LED and direct spot LED options Pendants – Elegant & Unique Suspended Lighting: Traccia System

OTY Light


Oty is two brothers’ university dream, originated one winters night between a  mathematics book and a civil code. Andrea and Simone , two brothers, a symbiosis. Some times words can be an obstacle, when a glance is all that is needed. This is one of those rare relationships in which thoughts travel through the air

Linea Light Group

Imagine a team of research departments that study technical lighting solutions that are fully customised to meet your project requirements. Cutting edge know-how in LED technology that guarantees quality, sustainability, and efficiency in any situation. A group of companies that is organised into a flexible network of technologies and skills, capable of dealing with each


The Vistosi name enjoys a long lineage of glassmaking in the Venetian tradition, dating as far back as the 1500s when artist guilds were the order of the day. Since then, the company has become one of Italy’s most prestigious and prolific glass lighting manufacturers, with a particular emphasis on exploring the strength, quality and

Evi Style

The ability to interpret the requirements of innovation and exclusivity of the contemporary market, reinterpreting the classic style. It is the Evi Style designer signature, the result of a typically Italian craftsmanship, capable of transmitting, with light and material, absolute freshness and refinement.  Selecting and combining different fabrics, crystals, glasses, metals, progress and tradition, technical rigor


A space of research and lighting design, driven by the intuitions and passion of a multidisciplinary team. A creative reality combining different skills, technical expertise, materials knowledge, quality caring and details, with a worldwide collaboration with designers from all backgrounds.AndCosta is an Italian brand in the interior lighting scenery since 2000 and Assoluce member.The main

Lucitalia Milano

“LUCI illuminazione d’interni (indoor lighting)” was founded in 1966 and quickly became one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products. LUCI’s notoriety raised to an International level with the creation of the Kandido table lamp in 1983 designed in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. The list of prestigious designers who have


Ghidini Lighting, founded in 1974, is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of technical outdoor lighting fixtures.  Since its foundation, Ghidini Lighting has focused its research and development on a vast range of products which satisfy the wants and needs of specifiers, seamlessly integrating into an endless array of residential and commercial spaces. 


The MA[&]DE identity lies in an innovative design’s concept characterizing the collection’s creation. A technologic design, not for its own sake, adds real plus to products, making them aesthetically sophisticated and highly functional. Meticulous attention to the smallest details is associated to the research for the perfect joint for a movable parts smoother movement. Attention to the aesthetic,

Morosini Luce & Design

Morosini expresses the most experimental essence of lighting design. Its creations communicate the desire to draw new borders in the contemporary style, making current the choices in the vanguard thanks to the mix of materials, originality and aesthetic compatibility with the environment. The real soul of Morosini is clear in the study of light and