Architecture is one of the most expressive forms of the rationality and beauty of human work. The lighting of buildings, both external and internal, aims to highlight the architectural shapes and peculiarities of the lit environment through instruments that respect the materials that compose it, without becoming a physical element of the composition.

The Tràddel linear lighting xtures embody the concept of lighting integrated in the architecture: the light source disappears from view and the excellent visual comfort arises from the indirect light that imperceptibly shines from walls and ceilings, either in masonry or plasterboard.

A synthesis of function and character, the architectural integrated light of Tràddel is the outcome of careful research on innovative construction materials and uses of LED light source. Materials capable of harmonious integration with the space they occupy and of simplifying installation work, combined with the ef ciency and long service life of the light emitting diode, the present and the future of lighting.

This line for design professionals is suitable for both residential spaces and accommodation facilities, where its lighting shapes the perception of the environment enhancing its image.

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